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The Outlets at Foxwoods


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The Outlets at Foxwoods was the creation of the Gordon Group and had its origins in 2010 when Gordon Group and Foxwoods began discussing the idea of the world’s first fully enclosed outlet center connected to two of the country’s largest casinos.

Leveraging the resort’s 10 million annual visitors and robust loyalty rewards points system, the Outlets at Foxwoods is a 350,000 square foot enclosed outlet center with over 70 shops. A sample of the world class roster of tenants include Coach, Michael Kors, Nike, Brooks Brothers, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kate Spade to name just a few.

The mall connects the Fox Tower casino to the Grand Pequot casino in a bright and airy indoor mall with ample natural light. There is ample parking at both covered parking garages at each end of the mall. Shoppers can use their Foxwoods reward points as currency in the mall further amplifying the value effect of the retail outlet mall.

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In February 2010, Foxwoods signed an agreement with Gordon Group Holdings to develop a retail outlet mall on their resort property in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

The agreement required the approval of the BIA and was the first of its kind allowing a long-term ground lease on sovereign tribal land.

In February of 2012, after 2 years of successful pre-leasing and pre-development, Gordon Group Holdings partnered with Tanger Outlets, a publicly traded REIT, to provide additional equity and debt financing.

The project broke ground in September of 2013 and opened for business in May 2015.

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The Shops at Mohegan Sun


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The Shops at Mohegan Sun: Opening in 2001, this 150,000 square-foot retail destination was an addition to the highly successful Mohegan Sun Casino featuring retail and dining experiences designed in a breathtaking two-story atrium. GGH was the rst to bring celebrity owned restaurants to Southeastern Connecticut, including Jasper White, Todd English and Michael Jordan. The Shops at Mohegan Sun average sales for square foot of $1,700.

Currently GGH is leasing Phase II – Project Horizon, 115,000 square feet of additional retail and restaurants.

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The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace



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The Forum Shops at Caesars: Opening in 1992, this 636,000 square-foot retail destination has continued to boast the highest volume sales and traf c in the country. Located on Las Vegas Boulevard at the center of the Las Vegas Strip, adjacent to Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino. The Forum Shops are laid out like an elaborate Roman Village, transporting shoppers to a different place and time. Retail stores feature arched facades and fountains, under a painted Mediterranean sky that turns from light to darkness every two hours. A sample of the specialty retail and restaurants include, Christian Dior, David Yurman, Theory, Tiffany & Co., Spago, Prime Steak and Snowcrab, Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois. Every hour talking 15-foot statues of Venus, Apollo and Bacchus offer a 6-minute show to shoppers.

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